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My Sweet Babies

I took them out of their bags for a day. I had them showcased for some relatives visiting this week :P They are beautiful!!!

Hanten <3

The Dragonn Slayer has arrived! >:o

The Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Pokemon Center Sylveon/Nymphia plush! Came out during May 2013!
She is lovely at 8" tall! Her colours are mesmerizing! I know I should of got the Takara Tomy Sylveon, where she is sitting to match my I love Eevee evolution collection, but I just really wanted this one.


Received her in the mail today! The mail man placed her in between my front door. I got her on Amazon from a Japanese store named EKOHIIKI for 31.70 altogether. It took around 2 weeks with standard shipping. Along with her, the seller gave me a 15th anniversary Pokemon sticker too. V V V

It's a sticker with all the starters and it took me a while to notice that they were aligned to shape the number 15 lol. I wonder where I'll end up sticking them......but I will continue deciding and leave this post with a picture of Sylveon and her family.


Go check her out in my video
Hanten <3

I Love Eevee Regular Plushes!!!

My Babies are here! I Love Eevee , third line of regular Banpresto UFO Catcher Plushes. Only available in UFO catcher machines/crane machines in Japan. I Love Eevee series was introduced during 2012 in October and ended May 2013.

Got them on Ebay from a nice seller in Japan named mid_yur here's her page, I think she has a few sets left if anyone's interested http://myworld.ebay.com/mid_yur/. Originally they were on for bid and I lost. So, I was so disappointed and I messaged her to see if she had any more. Since the bid went for 107 plus shipping which was 28 bucks, I made a deal and asked for the set for 140 together with shipping. She messaged me 5 minutes later and it was 2AM (I stayed up all night to watch the bid end even though I had to work early next morning). She agreed and I was the happiest person that night!

The package came after a week (so fast), in the biggest box I've ever received! Each was wrapped in bubble wrap and there were awesome Japanese flyers with the coolest products. She was also very sweet and gave me a little gift along side (as you can see above). I'm not sure what they are but hopefully someone will tell me soon :)!

In the end I'd have to say that I love the Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon Plushes the best!

If you have time check out my Youtube video!
Hanten <3


A day after my Vulpix arrived, my Growlithe came in the mail. Growlithe is also a Pokemon Canvas plush and was released the same year as Vulpix in 2010.


This guy cost $38.98 in total. I bought him on Ebay from a seller in Korea! He was putting them up for sale for 29.99. What a greatt buyy! Now cheapest one on Ebay would be $70. He is very well made and the design is very accurate. Now he sits beside the beloved Vulpix ^.^

Hanten <3
HURRAY! The Pokemon Center Vulpix Canvas plush! It was the only Vulpix plush out there at the time that I thought looked decent. I bought it from Brian at Pokevault.com and I bought 1 out of the 2 left. I checked Ebay for several months and haven't found one at a more affordable price. All together with shipping and a 10% discount, my Vulpix cost $86.74. Not too bad.


I even made my first Youtube video where I unpackaged Vulpix. Here it is if you want to check it out.

Later on, a viewer commented on my video and introduced me to Pkmncollectors community on live journal. This is what superhero834567 said: "Wow, you attacked it taking it out of the box. It's nice lol
Dang you spent $80-$90, are you on the pkmncollectors community on LiveJournal? I know they are gone by now but one of the users, cyritic, sold them for like $38 shipped a couple months ago. I guess they might be worth this much now.
Also your username is hilarious, but there aint nothing stupid bout the Vulpix Canvas, seriously."

The comment above is what inspired me to start this journal. Hopefully I find her/him and we can be friends! :)

BTW I want to buy the Takara Tomy Egg baby plushes soon. The Vulpix and the rest of the babies are so cute <3
Hanten <3