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Finally GOT ESPEON! I was so lucky! I just did a random canvas plush search on Pkmncollectors and found a post that has not been posted to the community yet. I was so excited! There were so many awesome items! I messaged the seller immediately and I had first picks ^^! I needed the Espeon canvas and the umbreon I <3 Eevee Keychain to complete my set too! Also Drifloon was at such a great price I had to get him! They all came very nicely packaged and the seller was extremely nice! I even won their contest with spending the most money! lol So the seller gave me A Sylveon clear file, Pokemon center pencil case and substitute plush! I was so happy :D! One of the pics below is the other side of the clear file. After looking back at my purchase history. I even noticed that she sold me my first growlithe Canvas Plush on Ebay! I had a feeling because they were both from Korea! Can't thank her enough!


I also had a want post including the I <3 Eevee Vaporeon Keychain to once again complete my set. Then an awesome member had one and she sold it to me at my desired price! It came so fast! :)


An awesome member also sold me some BMF figures from an auction! She was so nice and one of the best sellers ever! She gave me an extra base for Chikorita, packaged it so beautifully and I loved the little Eevee note she left! She's the best! I wish we could meet and hang out one day aha!


I also found a sales post on Pkmncollectors and saw a set of I <3 Eevee keychains! I always wanted them! It was just missing umbreon and vaporeon! I was surprised no one bought them even though they were priced fairly. I messaged the seller and asked for a deal and she agreed! Again I was so happy!


I even got some clips and a memo pad from the Peeking promotion! Also, that cute stamp at the back of the package! >_

Man, the joys of finding those grails! Sadly, I might be moving out next year or two to Toronto! I'm switching schools and programs. Also, lately I needed more focus on my studies so I had to let the plush go! :'( They were so beautiful and it was hard finding some of them! Especially the canvases for good deals! It was always my dream to collect all the canvases ever made! Sadly I can't afford them sighh. I would buy them all again if I won the lottery!! For sure that would be one of my first priorities.

Currently, I put them up for sale on Ebay. I'm not going to make any money off of it. I calculated all my costs in the past and I added up the totals. Those darn Ebay fees, paypal fees and shipping. It boosts the price so high up! Hopefully someone buys them or ends up with a successful GA. Sadly I don't have sales permission yet or I'd auction them off myself and have no Ebay fees! Also seller would pay for shipping! yayy! Maybe I'll do that if it doesn't sell. I even took new pictures! It was a pain to set up to take the pictures. The plush and the Bristol boards in the background kept on falling, also I had to be very gentle with them. I also tried to add other bonuses that I had, hopefully it attracts people! ^_^ Though I know at this time, people aren't the richest because of Christmas, the new year, taxes and there might be lots of gift giving during spring (spring babies). Hopefully I'm lucky! Here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Pokemon-Plush-Lot-Complete-set-of-Canvas-Eeveelutions-Plush-Eevee-Sylveon-/281279262578?pt=TV_Movie_Character_Toys_US&hash=item417d8cef72

I love eevee regular plush
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