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Holiday Gets ^^

Last year was the best holiday ever! Got so many things I really wanted :)

Holiday Gets

This included the Pokemon Christmas plush, some canvas plush, three TCG sets and some Chikorita figures.

First off are the Pokemon center 2013 Christmas plush! I saw them in the pictures posted by fellow members and I knew I had to get them! I asked my father first to get me the set for Christmas, but he said " No way, get them yourself! " So I went on Ebay and found them for $29 each with free shipping. They came individually bubble wrapped, each in a Pikachu Pokemon center bag. They are beautiful. My favourite is Fennekin and then comes Chespin!

The Lovely card was from ktmonkeyj who was having a card giveaway, which was very nice of them! The card is absolutely stunning! The envelope even had a Christmas Pikachu on it :)

Christmas Plush and card

Next I got some TCG sets. The first one was the Sylveon Collection which I got as a present for myself, then the Fennekin set which my great friend got for me for Christmas and then the Dragon Vault set which my younger brother got for secret Santa at his school and gave it to me as a gift! The Dragon Vault set came with all holo dragon cards, that was awesome!

TCG packs

I also got some two Chikorita figures from eledora They were both bubble wrapped even though they were small purchases. She also drew a cute Chikorita on the package. That was a nice surprise :P

Chikorita has always been one of my favorite starters! Probably because in the anime, during the Johto season, she was so sassy and adorable with her big eyes and the leaf on top of her pear like body. Oh and green is my favourite colour....hehe. When she became Bayleef, she was so humble and loving! I don't remember if she evolved into Meganium, but Meganium is such a pretty Pokemon!

Along with the figures, I got some canvas plush too! First, I got Jirachi from gsc_fanboy for $20 shipped! What a great deal! It arrived so quickly too! Next I purchased the Lapras canvas plush off of Ebay for around $22, in mint condition and then I won the Raichu canvas plush in a GA hosted by o_0digitizdx_x and swampeh It was my first time participating in a GA, and it was a pleasant experience (because the hosts were so awesome). The Raichu was packed so beautifully! aha! He's now one of my favourites!

Gets and Packages

Well that's the end! Thank you to all the sellers and hosts! Also, thank you to those of you, YES YOU, who read my post!
Hanten <3